By Helen Shih, PhD

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Coronavirus: Prevention & Self Care

Dr. Shih has been involved in public health advocacy, COVID relief effort, prevention & preparedness in the COVID pandemics since the beginning. 

In addition to be a holistic health consultant, she was a  medical physicist with expertise in infrared imaging, which is being used in airport screening of infectious diseases including the COVID outbreak, and in applications of wellness imaging. The following are some of the topics Dr. Shih feels that the COVID pandemics have brought to our awareness.

COVID Prevention and Preparedness

Learn to disinfect and prepare yourself and your household during the COVID pandemics. Dr. Shih has been the chief editor and scientific contributor to a guidebook ("Tracy's Guide for Family") which is collaborative project to compile the most helpful tips for individuals and families.

Before you fall ill 
What to do to keep yourself healthy or if you suspect you have been exposed? 
This is the summary Dr. Shih has compiled on the most important elements you can do, to keep yourself healthy, during the time of COVID pandemics, especially if you suspect you have been exposed to COVID.

After you fall ill
What to do if you start to have flu-like symptoms, COVID-symptoms, or have been infected
This is the summary Dr. Shih has compiled on the most important steps you can do, to take care of yourself, build your immunity, and ward you off from severe symptoms.

COVID-19 Self Monitoring

Learn a simple at home self monitoring routine everyone can do at home for a few minutes a day to test and monitor your own condition and symptoms.

Herbal Supplements for COVID Self Care

Most common herbs and supplements that can help build immunity and strengthen the body, so you can go through the COVID time with a healthier body and healthier mind. 

Energy movement, meditation and exercises

Energy exercises will help you balance your energy, clear your energy field, create protection, and put the mind in peace. Relaxation and de-stress are key steps to boost up your immunity.

COVID Mental-emotional effects

Not only the virus will affect our body, but more importantly, it spreads through news and media, and creates disturbed emotion, confusion, stress in our mental-emotional field, which harms our immunity. Learn to clear the mind, and maintain emotional hygiene during the pandemics.

COVID Conspiracies, false news, alternative facts

Learn to develop your awareness, strengthen ability of spiritual discernment, and stay away from dark energy that may trap you and harm your health. In addition, misinformation and disinformation create confusion and mental blockage towards hygiene practices that are critical to public health during the pandemics, and therefore, cause enormous and unnecessary loss of lives and infected cases.

COVID Social impact and racism

Should certain groups of people be blamed and made more vulnerable in the outbreak? Is the pandemics taking a hard toll on people of color both physically and economically? During the stressful time, more subconscious fear and social bias are being brought out that are calling for addressing these fundamental problems at a deeper level in our mental-spiritual field. The virus is treating everyone equally, but why can't we?

COVID for Ecology and Environment

The pandemics has brought down travel and consumption, which in turn helps reduce CO2 emission, air pollution, and traffic in big cities. Is COVID helping us restore ecology and a better environment for us? 

COVID as a messenger from nature: what does COVID prompt us to do?

COVID has brought disruptive changes to our society in every level. It has shown us the systematic problems in our society, for example, in the way our social-economic structures are built, which are extremely vulnerable to events like a pandemic. It has also revealed cracks in our healthcare system, especially in public health. 

How do we transform fear to positive actions?  What changes we must bringing to our society, from personal health to public health, from community wellbeing to global collaboration? These are the questions we must think through and find solutions for the evolution of the humankind. Like any disease we experience in our body, it is not something to be muffled up for a quick cure but to be used as a doorway for healing and recuperation. This is the time we must envision a different future, when we can embrace more holistic and healthy communities, and build an economy that can benefit everyone, instead of selected few. Check out Wholesome Living on the New Earth, a vision that Dr. Shih has been advocating for.