By Helen Shih, PhD

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Public Study:

Effects of meditation and healing exercises observed by Bio-Energy Map

Purpose: the purpose of this study is to understand the Body-Mind connection as shown by Bio-Energy Map (Whole-body infrared imaging or TTM scan).

Process: We will observe how your body and its energy pattern changes according to certain practices that involve meditation and healing exercises.

These practices will include

- A form of meditation (concentration exercises and relaxation exercises);

- A form of healing excises as either done by yourself or assisted by our practitioner (such as Dr. Helen Liu herself). These exercises involve improving your energy harmony of the body (see healing exercises for details).


You will participate in 5 different study sessions. Each session is about 1 hour long.

During each session, you will receive several repeated Bio-energy scan, for example, before healing and after healing, to document the change of the body energy and study the mind-body connection. 

Your Benefits: You will be provided with a shorter version of our bio-energy assessment. You will learn methods of meditation and healing exercises.You will give complementary healing if applicable.