By Helen Shih, PhD

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Spiritual Connection

Many clients have had the experiences that they do exercises, take vitamins, eat and sleep well, but are still bothered by something they cannot describe. Medical tests cannot seem to reveal anything wrong, but life seems to be sometimes at a loss that makes us feel disconnected with something greater or a deeper meaning of what we want to accomplish.

We often use the analogy that, even if you have a computer with good hardware and software, but when the computer is not plugged into the power or the battery is drained, the computer cannot function properly. In the same way, our body's "hardware" and our mind's "software" may be in a good status, but if we are not "plugged" into the universal source of life, we may easily feel something is missing or misaligned. For clients who have physical illness or mental conditions, it is even more important to plug in the sacred source so they can continue to be supported in their healing process. 

Spiritual connection is an important and inherent step in the healing process, for the purpose of "plugging" you back into the source of healing. You will be able to be recharged and rejuvenated by being connected to the web of life and receive the needed energy. Personal insight or guidance from your Higher Self can also come in, to help you make certain decisions and changes needed in your healing journey. The ultimate purpose of these healing sessions is for you to return to your state of harmony, so that you will feel joyful, exhilarating, energetic, relaxed, loving, expansive, etc. These are attributes when you are in the state of health and well-being - our natural state of harmony. 

Different steps can be used during the reconnection healing, such as deep relaxation, energy restoration, and guided meditation. You will also learn healing exercises to help you practice at home and to strengthen the effect. 

As a result of the reconnection healing,  you can also rediscover how to nourishing your body, mind, and soul, and become disease-free and drug-free.  As a side effect, your health insurance and healthcare bills may go down as well. And coincidentally,  you can also help people around you to achieve the same health benefits, such as your loved ones and those whom you are connected to. In other words, when you shift to a higher state of living,  you will not only help yourself, but also help others. You will not only heal yourself, but help others to heal. 

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