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Light up your Body, Mind, & Soul

Healing of ourselves starts from within

Our understanding of the human body has evolved over years and science has recognized it as a field of vibrational energy [see Ref]. Therefore, the health of the body is about bringing back the Natural Harmonious State of this energy or vibrational field.

Our healing practices emphasize on using the energetic and vibrational nature of the body and various forms of techniques to open up energy flow, remove blockages and restore the body's natural "energy channels". This is the principle used in acupuncture, Qi Gong practice in the ancient Chinese Medicine. Energy Medicine, Energy Healing, Vibration Healing, and many other modern forms based on the same principle.

In fact, energy and vibration medicine have been widely used in modern medicine, for example, using electromagnetic field (light, laser, radiation, etc), sound and heat. Herbs, medicine plants, chemicals are also forms of vibrational energy that go into our body. Homeopathy, Ayurveda medicine are other forms of energy medicine that have been used widely.

Dr. Helen Shih has been a professional medical physicist and her past work was on using electromagnetic (radiation and radiology) and mechanical waves (ultrasound) in medical diagnosis and treatment. This experience helps her understand deeply the science behind energy at work and quantum physics at play for our health: the energy is being applied to charge, harmonize and balance the human energy field.

The types of healing services offered in this center follow the sequence of:

Consultation Sessions

The first step of healing is when you become more aware of your own state of well-being: how far you have drifted away, and what you can do to best move back to your own balance. In consultation sessions, we will assist you to look into your life style, emotional state, mental state, relationships, and other pertinent factors affecting your health. This will help you gain deep insight of where you are now and how you can improve. The method used may include a Bioenergy Scan, Q&A, self inquiry, meditation, journaling, and other expressive/ reflective techniques. We also have a unique imaging system that can scan the energetic state of your body (whole-body energy scan) if you want to see your own state of the body. 

Based on our experience, we found that often, people do not give themselves adequate time to rest, reflect and assess where they are in terms of their own state of wellbeing. Our busy life has made us run too fast, too hectic, and too chaotic that we have forgotten how to take a break and rebalance ourselves. The purpose of the consultation session is meant to help you regain such a control and have a few moments to look at yourself, so you don't fall off and tripped by your own physical illness and other disasters waiting to happen.

Every challenge of life, from physical illness, to relationship broke up or financial crisis can be resolved by looking at the problem objectively and finding the deeper cause to it. During consultation, we help client release emotional entanglement and mental stress associated with these problems. Once the mind is clear and the heart is open, the energy can flow again, and you will naturally find solutions to these challenges. The process of solving the problems itself is how you can grow spiritually in your strength, courage and wisdom. It is a process of the healing journey that will help you to come back to wholeness.

Healing Sessions

To put it in the simplest and most straight forward way, the purpose of the healing session is to help you shift back to your most healthy harmonious state. This is how we define your health and well being. When you are in this state, you will feel it instinctively. Some people may say it is joyful, exhilarating, energetic, relaxed, loving, expansive, etc (it is difficult to capture it by words except to experience it yourself). Very often, we fall out of this "state of grace" and get very sick because of the blockages and stress we have in the body, in the mind, and any other misalignment. To help you shift back to this state and receive the healing needed, different techniques can be applied, such as deep relaxation, energy correction (for example, Qi Gong, an ancient form of energy movement), or meditation. We also use techniques such as emotional release, mental decluttering, and spiritual realignment to help clear the old blockages, heal the past trauma, and boost up your energy. This is all part of the healing that needs to take place for you to move onto the healthy state again.    


We teach the following classes that help you achieve the above said areas:

-Sharpen awareness: become more connected with your body, mind, and spirit, and learn how to shift your focus to how you feel, and whether you are out of balance.

-Energy movement: learn techniques to release blockages and open up the energy flow again.

-Self healing: practice healing techniques yourself so you will be the one who are empowered of your own health.

*Meditation, deep relaxation, and other body-mind techniques are part of the classes we offer.

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