By Helen Shih, PhD

Flow-of-Light Natural Health

Light up your body, mind, & soul

Medicine is incomplete until we acknowledge and reconnect to the source of healing.

As medical science is making a great progress in helping us understand many types of diseases, the future of medicine is truly about "health" or "wellness" rather than sickness. This "wellness revolution" is already happening everywhere in the world. People have started to pay much more attention to organic food, healthy living, clean environment, and better ways to reconnect to the nature.   

But how do we define health or wellness to the first place? Although tons of medical text books have been devoted to diseases, there are relatively fewer materials written about health instead. Why? Because unless we understand health from an energetic point of view, we will be forever trapped in the physical manifestations of the diseases, which can take many forms and many shapes with infinite possibilities.

1.  Understand Health

After many years of studying health and ways to quantify it, I have come up with a more scientific and holistic way of defining "health" as a "Natural Harmonious State of Being" of the body-mind-spirit. What does this mean? Health is the balanced and ordered beauty of your entity on many different levels. The vitality, integrity, and harmony of this state are what we call "Health". To help you understand it more intuitively, if you look at a flower (for example, the sunflower on this page), you can tell right away if the plant is in the state of health or sickness. Why? Because you can see and feel the flower and the energy state the flower is staying. In the same way, when we meet a person for the first time, we can see and feel how the person is doing in terms of his/her energy state. We do this on an intuitive basis, in fact, everyone does this, including the pets who meet their owners for the first time. 

But how do we define this intuitive feeling in a more scientific way?  After studying and working in holistic health for many years, I have come up with 3 key elements in defining the health with a systematic and energetic way. Let's use the flower as an example.


"vitality": defines the energy level of the plant (a sick plant is often withering). 

"Integrity": defines whether the plant has all pieces together, instead of missing branches or parts. 

"Harmony": defines whether all pieces of the plants are in balance rather than certain part is too dominant. 

In the same way, when we see the person's health from an energetic point of view, his/her "Human Energy Field" [see Ref], which looks like a flower in fact, needs to have all the 3 elements in place to be healthy. If any of the 3 components are missing, the person will feel sick and out of balance. This leads to the physical, mental, or spiritual disorders or diseases.

2. The Disease Process

Like the clear blue sky starts to gather dark clouds, diseases start from earlier subtle disorders. It is truly a disorder or disturbance of the natural harmonious state or your energy field. Such disturbances often start from a physical or emotional trauma, which are not being attended properly on time. Medical field may attribute diseases to birth defects or genetic disorders, which in fact can be traced back to such energetic insults or impact that are not repaired. Eventually such disorders manifest as physical symptoms and illness in the physical body or in the emotional-mental fields. People who have such disorders may experience difficulties in other aspects of life as well, such as emotional health, social relationships, finance, etc, because disorders have rippling effects not limited only to the physical body.  

In general, disease development takes place in 3 stages: energetic changes, circulatory changes (in breath, hormones, lymph flow, blood, etc), and solid physical manifestation. The last stage, disease symptoms, are your final physical alarms to prompt for changes and healing in your life. The health of your energy body (or Energetic Health) is the 1st line of your defense, and the key step of earlier prevention.

3. Identify Disorders and Causes

Because of the subtleties of energy disorders, initially they can be difficult to be felt physically or measured by medical instruments. Yet signs of energetic disturbance can be picked up by careful examining of the body and its energy field (using Bio-Energy Scan, for example). Meanwhile, many factors are involved in causing such disorders: physical (diet, genes, living habit, etc), emotional-mental, and spiritual layers. Identify and removal causes of disorders are first steps of how you can start towards your healing.

4. Create Healthy Shift

We apply energy shift  and conscious healing to remove the causes and conditions of diseases. This process is completely scientific guided by Bio-Energy Scan and involves various well-established healing practices/exercises, such as the ancient Qi Gong form used in Chinese medicine. Many effective healing techniques are available as of today, including emotional release, mental de-cluttering, detoxification of the energy field, proper exercises, and spiritual re-alignment. The effect of energetic shift is applied gently to harmonize and rebalance your energy field and consciousness.

The final goal of healing is to realign your Body-Mind-Spirit and restore your Natural Harmonious State of Health, so you will achieve the vitality and integrity needed for physical living.