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Understand Health & Healing

by Helen Shih

Have you wondered why people fall to illness and the secret of healing? Dr. Shih shares her years of study on health and healing, and how she sees why diseases are actually doorways for bringing back harmony and vitality to ourselves, and wholeness to our surroundings and Earth ecosystem.

Earth Transition: A Glimpse of Reality

by Helen Shih

Have you wondered why we are going through this interesting period of time when things are undergoing rapid changes and transformation on both personal as well as global levels? Although this piece was written in 2012, it is ever relevant today as you can get a glimpse of the Earth Transition and how it is impacting your life journey and our collective consciousness at this critical point of human history and Earth environment.


The field of holistic health and healing is blossoming and flourishing in the recent few decades. Although the secrets of healing as a sacred science and art were known since the ancient time, only until recently, there is a collective effort in bringing this field forward and illuminating the principles and techniques behind it. There are hundreds of books, authors, and websites we can quote here. However, we will only list the most relevant works here, the sources that this center is deeply connected to. 

Health Revelations from Heaven: 8 Divine Teachings from a Near Death Experience

by Tommy Rosa, Stephen Sinatra MD

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This book was written based on the near-death experience of Mr. Rosa, one of authors of the book. It is very simple, but contains the most essential principle of health that every health practitioner and patient should read about. Being a cardiologist, Dr. Sinatra also explains the most important practices to keep the heart healthy and unique insights he gained through the experiences of his patient. Often, maintaining health is not about applying sophisticated knowledge and advanced technologies, but to follow the simple order of the nature. The book coincides with the lifetime findings and crystallization of the wisdom of Dr. Helen Shih and her father (a physicist and healer in China). The book also came as a surprise: Dr. Shih received it as a unique gift as her father was transitioning to the next world and departed from his physical body.   

Positive Energy: 10 Extraordinary Prescriptions for Transforming Fatigue, Stress, and Fear into Vibrance, Strength, and Love

by Judith Orloff

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Judith Orloff is a non-conventional psychiatrist. She integrated with her years of experience in intuitive energy healing with what's known in today's psychiatry practices. In her 2005's book, Dr. Orloff summarized what people are commonly describing as sub-clinical disorders that doctors cannot quite grasp and put into numbers. These disorders are the results of years of over-work, stress, and what modern industrialized society and life style have given to us. To transform these disorders and restore health, Judith used very simple and practical approaches to help us look at where these problems come from and how we can make positive changes. Judith's book is a must-read and contain critical advises for today's high-achieving individuals who suffer from the "I am never good enough" syndrome.

Energy Medicine: Balancing Your Body's Energies for Optimal Health, Joy, and Vitality

by Donna Eden and David Feinstein

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Donna Eden is one of the most charismatic healers and teachers of the modern time. She and her husband David started the field of "Energy Psychology" as a way combining traditional psychology with energy healing. Donna's books offer simple explanations and practical exercises both meant for health professionals and general public who are interested in learning about holistic health as a starting point. The companion DVDs and videos are both entertaining and powerful at the same time, illustrating the extraordinary abilities of Donna Eden in seeing energy and ways to change it. Children and teachers will find the exercises in her books and videos to be fun and easy to follow. They will help students to concentrate better at school and class times, and prevent prevalent use of ADHD drugs which are unnecessary if we could learn a few simple basic principles of how our body's energy works.

Soul Coaching: 28 Days to Discover Your Authentic Self

by Denise Linn

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Denise Linn has a strong connection with the Native American tradition way of healing and a great teacher on spiritual alignment. She has authored many books, offering her own life experiences of healing and practical techniques on how to rediscover your inner self. The healing journey is a journey of self discovery, self enlightening, and self empowering process. When you realize that the true healer is in fact within you, you will have the ability to shift your entire state of mind and become the master of your own life journey. Diseases and illness are mainly doorways to help you reconnect to your inner self, from which the true healing can start. 

Lessons from the Light: What We Can Learn from the Near-Death Experience

by Kenneth Ring, Evelyn Elsaesser Valarino

Dr. Kenneth Ring's research on the NDErs is considered to be one the classics in the field of NDE psychology. The book compiles his years' of study on the subject, written in both academic ways but not arcane for the general public to read and understand. He recounted that many of the NDErs not only came back alive, but had profound transformation in the way they perceive the material world and the desire to serve others. Through NDE, some of them in fact became healers and gained extraordinary ability to sense energy and help people others to heal. Dr. Helen Shih encountered this work while she was working in the MD Anderson Cancer Center dealing with cancer patients' terminal illness. She subsequently had her own NDE and understood deeply what the experience means and what it could lead to in terms of spiritual transformation.    

The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy, by Cyndi Dale

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Cyndi Dale is one of the well-known clairvoyants and healers in the field of holistic health. She was able to sense and depict energy since childhood. In order to help people visualize and understand the structure of the human energy field, she puts her artistic talent and scientific knowledge together in compiling this book. It is one of the most referenced book for both the general public and academicians who desire to learn more about how the energy bodies look like and how the healing takes place in multiple dimensions of the energy field.  

Probability of the Impossible:  Scientific Discoveries and Explorations in the Psychic World
by Thelma Moss
Dr. Thelma Moss was one of the first American psychologists who explored the field of parapsychology and the scientific instruments that can help to document these phenomena. She studied Kirlian Photograph exclusively and was a pioneer in demonstrating extremely interesting effects with this technique. The energy field of the human body and of other living beings can be visually imaged alive with proper electric stimulation. Some of the photos taken by Dr. Moss are extraordinary and were included in this book. She also illustrated the experiments she did and the stories behind her scientific endeavor in the 1960's, when the field of parapsychology barely existed. She had a great sense of humor in writing these stories retrospectively, as the academic world was certainly not ready to receive her at that time. The field of psychology has changed so much since that time, thanks to some of her contributions.

Energy Medicine: Practical Applications and Scientific Proof by Norman Shealy

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Dr. Shealy is considered to be one of the founding fathers of the modern holistic medicine. As a practicing physician himself, he combines his years' of medical practices and intuitive abilities to solve the medical mysteries that often the current medicine could not resolve. His book is an attempt to explain scientifically what happens when the two sides of our brain merge together - the analytical side and the intuitive side, and how physicians like himself can utilize the best of the two worlds. Dr. Shealy established one of the first research studies on medical intuitives. One of such individuals Caroline Myss, became the well known healer and teacher herself, and has authored many books. Dr. Shealy also founded one of the first holistic medicine school, and through these efforts, he tried to open up the boundary of medicine with the light of spirituality.   

Vibrational Medicine: The #1 Handbook of Subtle-Energy Therapies

by Richard Gerber

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Dr. Gerber is one of the first medical doctors and physician scientists who attempted to explain the physics behind energy healing and how different modalities work behind the scene. He explained that modern medicine often rejects these methods because our doctors have not been trained to see the human body as a vast field of energy rather than mechanical parts or structures being put together. This book is a good read for academically-oriented health professionals who are willing to be more open-minded to see the body differently.

The Scalpel and the Soul: Encounters with Surgery, the Supernatural, and the Healing Power of Hope

by Allen Hamilton

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One of the light read with humorous encountering of Dr. Hamilton, who was a neurosurgeon having treated many brain tumor and cancer patients. Through his person experiences and testimonies, he tried to bring to the medical community the insight he gained as a practicing physician and how healing can happen in many levels far greater than what we understand in medicine. Dr. Hamilton became a spiritual healer later on after his retirement. As a medical physicist who has worked in the field of radiation therapy for brain cancer, Dr. Shih felt a strong connection with the author, the journey they shared in common. The way she found this book was an interesting story by itself.