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Relationship TuneUp

Among the most frequent encountered problems and challenges people face today, relationship stress often pops up as the top one. It is also one of the toughest lessons in our physical life everyone has to learn and grow from.

Recently, Harvard University has published a study from tracking alumni for nearly 80 years to find out what bring people most fulfillment and satisfaction in life. Can you guess what they have found out? Relationship success is the leading factor to happiness, especially when people get older. This says something about in our busy life, what could be a priority and at the same time a stress point.

There are many materials and resources available on dealing with relationship and conflict resolution. What we teach and practice in this center follows the simple and scientific way of looking at relationship from energetic point of view: every individual or group is an entity that needs to be sustained with integrity and independence. Personal interactions or group dynamics are essentially energetic interactions just like particle physics. The state of health from energetic point of view is about how we maintain the energy and boundary of this entity (individual or group). 

Violation of such integrity and independence becomes a form of perpetration even violence, and will harm all parties involved, including aggressors and offenders themselves. If everyone can see this action and reaction at work, then, harmony in relationship and effective interactions including communications can be achieved. 

During consultation sessions, we help clients see the type of relationship they are dealing with, where does pain which is essentially imbalance in this energetic interactions come from, and ways to come back to balance or neutral spot. This often involves setting healthy boundaries, learn to heal from past trauma or karma, and let go of dis-serving attachments or poor habits of interaction.

Personal care, business development, organization building, even national politics and international diplomacy all have to do with how relationship and power dynamics are played. Healthy relationship is something everyone can learn and benefit, at home, at work, and everywhere we go in our society.