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Mind Clearing

In today's world, not only we face a lot of expectations on jobs, family, and career, but numerous other demands to look good professionally and socially. Although many people are successful in material sense, but they lack supportive personal relationship, a solid foundation in physical health, peace and composure in the way they handle life challenges. 

Anxiety and depression have become prevalent among adults, even among children at a very young age. Social media has added another layer of complexity in today's chaotic and hectic world, making people even more impatient, scatter-minded, with short attention span, high irritability, and less room of tolerance.

When our mind starts to look like a computer or a device filled with disorganized files, randomly downloaded apps and media, the mind cannot function properly any more, and can be even vulnerable to virus attacks and other invasions. We end up with more and more mental cluttering which can cause stress and anxiety, poor productivity and inability to make good judgement. Just like an infected computer which will eventually shutdown and quit working, these mental burdens can also accumulate and lead to major meltdown. 

During Mind Clearing sessions, we help clients recognize harmful mental patterns or unhealthy conditions that control our behaviors, just like scanning risky software in the computer. We then help clients to go through a systematic mental detoxification and decluttering process that works like a cleaning and tuneup of a computer. These blockages may come from negative beliefs or harmful mental imprints that have been accumulated in our thought field since childhood. These unhealthy patterns need to be removed and replaced with positive influences and conditioning (just like removing bad software and replace them in a computer), so that the mind can work efficiently again in a charm. The detailed steps may involve energy clearing, meditation, journaling, life review, spending time in nature, and other effective holistic approaches. Clarity, focus, and true productivity are what we aim for in Mind Clearing. 

Our eventual goal is to help clients regain a clear vision of life choices, confidence in healing, and increased mental capacity. Our mind is the instrument of our soul and the expression of our true desires. Through proper use and maintenance of this wonderful vehicle, we achieve a great sense of joy and fulfillment in this life time.