By Helen Shih, PhD

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Just for Children

Today, children are facing the most unprecedented challenges in growing up, be it either the physical problems, mental health, or social-emotional issues. The world has become so toxic and harsh around children that many of them feel being trapped in the prison without the sense of hope or knowing where to ask for help (and many adults have felt this way too). 

As a mother of two teenager daughters and friends of many other mothers who share similar frustrations, Dr. Helen Shih has a deep connection with children and understand what our children are going through. She herself has to come out of her own childhood trauma and is committed to help children who are suffering from such experiences.

For super-achieving parents, the key to help our children is to let go of expectations, attachments, and the desire to control or dominate them. Freedom is the most fundamental children's right, and the key ingredient to support their healthy growth. For other parents who face life-challenging situations, the first step of healing our children has to start from healing parents. Children often feel isolated, vulnerable, and reluctant to open up themselves because they are afraid to add to the suffering of the parents or they feel being rejected by the parents. Surprisingly, some children adopt "illness" as the last resource to help their parents heal first. That's how brave and selfishless our children are to their moms, dads, and loved ones.

On the other hand, because children are more flexible and their energy system is like a tender flower, they are more forgiving and adaptable to changes. This makes energy healing one the most suitable and non-invasive holistic techniques for them. The important steps for helping such children require tentative and sensible approaches of first establishing trust between the children and the healers. This helps to open up the energy system for the change to occur. Next, frequently, past trauma, hold-up emotions or suppressed memories have to be released. Any physical, emotional and mental toxins, unhealthy habits, negative thought patterns have to be examined and removed. The last step of healing usually involves recharging the energy body, for example, by either nutritional change, life-style change, resting, deep relaxation, and other positive experiences that encourage the recovery and healthy growth of children.

Children are also more open and sensitive to nature. Nature is our greatest healer, as it is non-judgmental, nourishing, and embracing, just like a loving grandma. Children cannot grow healthily without adequate exposure to nature, including outdoor activities, fresh air, beautiful sunshine, creeks and lakes, plants and trees, and most importantly animals. They have a close affinity with our children. Among today's busy and hectic children's life, please make sure you add a healthy dose of nature and rest into their routine. 

If you are interested in a session of children's healing, we suggest you bring both parents themselves and children to the healing sessions, as often, children's health is closely connected with their parents' health, and the healing process has to move along together.