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Healing & Meditation Classes

To the eyes of an energy healer, our body energy system looks very much like a Christmas deer with wired light bulbs. The energy channels of human body work very much like the circuitry of the Christmas deer: this is how the energy of the body flows. The light bulbs are where vital life energy is being dispensed, such as to be used by organs in the body. 

What steps can we take to maintain the health of our body? In our view, our body is continuously charged by the energy flow, just like how electricity flows through the Christmas deer. When the life energy is strong, vibrant, and free flowing, it provides the essential "energy nutrients" of the body, which is a secret to maintain the healthy body and happy mind. When the energy is blocked or inadequate, we will wither like a plant without being watered.

Therefore, we recommend everyone to adopt energetic exercises as everyday practice, just like eating and cleaning the body. Our body and mind also require energy meals to relax and refresh to restore their own Natural Harmonious State.      

We use and teach energy movement and meditative exercises to enhance the openness and free flow of the energy in the body and ways to relax the mind. These elements are important for our physical and mental well being and are foundations to live a healthy and happy life. Below are different levels of classes and exercises offered.

Level 1: Focused Awareness  

We have tested and experimented many styles of meditation, energy and healing techniques to understand their effects on Body-Mind-Spirit. These studies are partially assisted by bio-energy scan and other scientific methods. Flow-of-Light Focused Awareness is put together by Dr. Helen Liu as a foundation step and entry level exercise.

Benefits:  still the mind, focus the attention, and sharpen the awareness. The end effect is it helps you open up energy flow to needed areas and harmonize the energy field.

Level 2: Flow-Of-Light Energy Movement

Flow-of-Light Energy Movement is created by Dr. Helen Shih as a meditative movement. It blends elements of Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and Yoga into a simply, easy, and quick exercise fit for busy modern day living. It is a beautiful free form of movement - graceful, fluid, and smooth, serving both as a physical exercises as well as mind and breathing meditation.

Benefits: strengthen body-mind connection, anchor and ground energy centers, open up and balance energy flow to different parts of the body.

Level 3: Flow-Of-Light Creative Meditation

Flow-of-Light Creative Meditation is adopted by Dr. Helen Shih in fusing meditation, breathing, and creative use of the mind. It creates gentle and needed shift in your energy field and consciousness. This enhances the previous 2 levels of exercises (Focused Awareness and Energy Movement). When you get into this level of exercise, you can produce profound change in your body energy, emotional and mental fields. In other words, you are in training to become master of your Body-Mind-Spirit, and access to even higher planes of consciousness.  It is the way that you will be assisted to align with your Higher Essence and the True Source of Healing coming from Spiritual Realms.

Benefits: clear and remove energy blockages, connect to higher planes of existence, create needed shift in your physical health, relationship health, and other aspects of reality.

*The above healing exercises are available in private sessions or group classes.