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Emotional Hygiene

We are living in a highly toxic environment, both in terms of industrial pollution and social negativity. It is interesting to take a note that most of us brush teeth and take bath daily, but rarely do we have time or know how to clean our feelings and emotions which is critical towards the establishment of health.

During these sessions, we help clients release emotional trauma and baggage that may be buried from past or present experiences. Often, these events come from childhood time and can continue into adulthood. Rather than learning how to release them in a healthy way, we instead are taught to suppress and control them. These negative memories and emotions eventually clog up our system, making people feel either aggressive and bullish, or withdrawn and vulnerable. Some may become impulsive in making poor judgement and form bad relationships that harm ourselves and others. Anger, frustration, depression, anxiety, panic attack, addiction, and self harm are becoming very common affecting many people from youth, adults to seniors. 

To release buried emotional baggage, our first step is to help clients identify and become aware of such influences. We then go through a cleansing process (just like dental cleaning) to address the underlying causes, and remove them one layer at a time. This process has a lot to do with restoring energetic health and personal integrity, reestablishing healthy boundary with others, and learning to deal with either being bullied or being aggressive towards others. Just as how you go through daily personal hygiene, we also assist clients to practice self-care so that they can maintain healthy emotional hygiene at work and at home. In holistic health, you will be an active participant and a boss of your own healing. Only when you empower yourself to take a driver's seat on your healing journey, you can take a full charge of your healing process.