By Helen Shih, PhD

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Earth Transition 2000 - 2024: A Glimpse of Reality

The following note was originally written by Dr. Helen Shih in March 2012, when she connected to the Sacred Source of Teaching on the topic of "Earth Transition". 

What is this hype about 2012?

We wouldn’t say 2012, but rather it is a period of time that makes this particular phase on the Planet to be interesting to live. It has started a long time ago, perhaps in the 1960’s, or even 1900’s, or even 1500’s. The changes have never stopped, and it is a continuous on-going process. This is what you may call “Evolution”. But what is evolution? You may ask. 

Everything in the Universe evolves, like clock goes around and around. Humanity, nature, Planet Earth, the Solar System, the Galaxy … The list goes on and on. Everything has a consciousness, and therefore, the nature of the consciousness is to expand and experience itself. That is what we call “Evolution”, though the path of evolution may differ depending on whether you are a human or a tree, whether you are a planet or a rock.

What's happening around 2012's time window? To put it into a simple way, the Solar System, the Planet Earth, the Humans, and other aspects of the nature on the Earth, have come to a converging point, or a "synchronicity" of events. Think about this way. Imagine the Sun has its own cycle, the Moon, the Earth, the Humanity as a whole. It is like a heart beat in your body, it beats and has its own natural rhythm. What makes this particular time interesting on the Planet Earth is that the Heartbeat of the Galaxy, Sun, Earth, and Humanity happen approximately at the same time (this is why it is called a "Synchronicity"). Think about the New Year Eve of Year 2000. The endings of the day, the month, the year, and the century happened at the same time! Because of this convergence, things may appear to undergo rapidly changes, and a great resonance of the movements is occurring now, over these years. The time elapsed through these waves of change depends on which cycle you talk about it could be a few decades in the human life cycle, a few hundred years in terms of the Earth cycle, or even tens of thousand Earth years in terms of the Sun cycle.

Imagine the heartbeat of the body - it stays flat and quiet for a relatively long duration (just to prepare for the pulse that is coming), then there is a small jump, then immediately a sharp rise comes, followed by a quick fall and the ripples afterwards. The heartbeat of the humans is designed just like that of the Universe and its layers of cycles. 

Looking back at the human history, you can see this effect in a given cycle. There was always a period of time that was long, quiet and calm. Then suddenly there was something triggering a commotion. This was followed a series of major changes happening one after another, propelling a great wave of revolution. The rippling effects can be felt a long time afterward. 

Don’t be afraid! Consider this like a heartbeat happening to all of us around. It is part of the cosmic rhythms. Enjoy the spectacular waves brought by the Universe heartbeat, with lots of excitements and movement. It is like taking a roller coaster ride. How would you enjoy the ride? Raise up your arms, simply shriek out of your lung! It is supposed to be fun, isn't it? 

The Changes: What are they?

Imagine the heart beat curve: you are going into the bottom of the curve and about to rise to the peak. The time around 2012 is the peak of the heartbeat. In another way, imagine the pendulum of a clock swings back and forth around its center of the gravity. 2012 is about the time that the pendulum swings to its end and turns around.

This is what we call a “Polarity Shift” (or phase shift in a physics term). It happens every few thousand years on the Planet Earth in terms of human history. The Mayans were accurate in predicting this time.

The Polarity Shift – the Great Wave will be felt by many aspects of the society. Many things will shift around. Imagine an hour glass or a Chinese Yin-Yang symbol – the cycle is going to turn around. It is an exciting time to watch and participate! Many of you have waited, planed, and prepared ahead to come and surf this wave. It is a rare historical time. So enjoy it as much as you could. Otherwise, you would have to wait for a few more thousands of years again to catch the next one.

What is so exciting about it? 

It is the firework effect. You have anticipated the firework blast for a long time patiently, now finally the firework is flying to the sky and blasting! It is going to be fast and exciting, just like the peak of a heartbeat.

Have you all felt the compressed time and how fast things are changing and moving? Have you noticed people are stressed, impatient, and angry? All of these intense commotions and emotions are coming out. Imagine the firework show is starting: some people are late and rushing, some are getting excited, children are making fuss, adults are getting stressed, the entertainers are anxious of getting on the stage, and firemen are getting ready to put off the fires possibly... All kinds of things are happening before, during, and after the big show time. This is the effect you will have in the coming years.

And there are some of you who are getting distressed, fearful, frustrated and worried. Some of you are very concerned: what is going to happen? Is the firework going to happen on time? Will the sparks fall on my hay house? Will my children run around and get lost in the big crowd? Some are naturally anxious. This is part of the norm. Everyone gets to pick what they want to experience and how they will participate in the show. You can’t expect everything to be perfect and everyone is happy. 

Then there will be a huge traffic jam to get out at the end. People will be redirecting the traffic after leaving the show. Well, it is going to be a big mess! There will be definitely a lot of work to do and a lot of things happening. Our best recommendation will be exactly like how you want to be part of a firework show. Pick the experiences that light your heart most and enjoy it thoroughly. You have chosen what role you want to play before coming into this big cosmic game, and now you are here to be in the prime time, the actual game is starting!

So get into your role in your play: either you want it to be a comedy, a drama, a fantasy, or a heroic act. Some souls even want to play a tragedy or a horror movie! You have that choice in your heart before you come to the planet in this life time, and now you simply need to feel in your heart and shift into that role you have wanted to play for a long time. Now we understand it is time to get a little bit more serious!

A Polarity Shift?!

What is this about?Think like this way: everything in your life seems to have a polarity, such as positive-negative, Sun-Moon, fire-water, hot-cold, male-female, head-heart, rich-poor, rulers-individuals, west-east … Most things you could think of representing polarity on the planet Earth will likely experience a shift of poles. We say likely, because not everything you have with a polarity will fit into this category. There are other forces at play that are not so obvious to you, and they likely will stay stable without a change of polarity.

Think about the rich become poor and poor become rich, this certainly will shake your heart a great deal. Think about the poor nations become rich and rich nations become poor. Think about how the old way of European domination is being replaced by the rising power of the east, and how the northern hemisphere will become more balanced by the development of the southern hemisphere.  It is already happening! You just have to pay attention and put them into the pattern to recognize it.

And then there is male and female shift. Think about how powerful women have already become and they will become a main source of energy in the society. Think of the cold places become hot, and hot places become cold as people's impact on the climate starts to become more noticeable. 

A major shift happening within the global community is the change of "the head to the heart". The intellectual and mental ability of the human race must be balanced by love and compassion. Otherwise, over-development of technology and over-use of mental faculty will bring self-destruction to the entire human race and the planet. People will learn how to reconnect to their feelings and emotions, as more and more of you will return to the "heart-centered" relationship. This will fundamentally change the way how people related to each other, how communities are formed, and how business is conducted. More importantly, the way how people are related with the Planet Earth herself will go through a major shift to give a way to a more sustainable way of living that makes a more ecological sense.

Things will happen on the global scale that will take years and years to shift. Some shifts happen quickly, and some very slowly in unperceivable ways. Things will also become increasingly "polarized" in this process, such as extreme patterns of weather in the natural world and how people behave in the society as well. People may feel compelled to be pulled to the opposing poles (it is like a cell going through mitosis), with extreme conflict and confrontation. Not only polarization will occur on the global scale, but also, you may experience it on a personal level too, for example, with more extreme temperament and emotion outburst. People may think something is wrong with them and label themselves with "bipolar" or other personality disorders without knowing the polarization effect that is happening. Others may feel internally conflicted and confused, as if they are being split into two inside. Correspondingly, there will be polarization and pole shift on the geopolitical and economical levels too, for example, increased contrast between the rich and poor, the conflict between those in power and those being suppressed, and how this relationship will eventually reverse itself. Many aspects of the society including government, legal and financial systems, education, etc, will go through major transitions and transformations in different ways. These are some examples of the changes, and changes are good for all of you – it is the natural way of being and the universe’s way of living.

How to best go through this period of time?

You will benefit from and enjoy more of these changes if you are well prepared, stay awake and aware of what’s happening. You will have a greater success and better experience if you "go with the flow", surrender and become part of the waves, rather than trying to resist and control in your old way of doing things. Have you seen those surfers who ride the giant Hawaiian waves? You can feel their energy in the peak performance, can't you? Perhaps you want to be one of them? If you follow your heart and be courageous, you too, can have a great time, not only in riding and surfing the waves of changes, but also pushing the waves forward as a mover and shaker. 

You are not alone, but a water molecule in the ocean, and a particle of the movement. You will also have a greater experience If you connect with family, friends, and other people, build a sense of community, help each other. This can be an extremely rewarding journey of adventure to yourself and many others.  Your growth will be enhanced in multitude if you interact with others in a group setting and make it enjoyable for everyone. Again, think about an example of a major football game. Though it is very exciting and happening fast, yet there are a lot work that has to done behind the scene, such as planning, organizing, and years of practicing, etc. You will learn a great deal if you pay attention and are willing to do the hard work, from which you will develop and expand your skills and talents

Another key point we want to bring to your attention is how to stay in this game without getting trapped or injured. Where can you receive guidance and energy, and what to do in case you are lost? As in any game, there are rules and safety precautions. You need to be aware of these to be part of the crowd. In fact, this Polarity Shift for humanity overall, is about how you can re-center yourself to who you are in essence, be authentic to yourself, and committed whole-heartedly to your self empowerment. This is how you will receive the insight and energy to move on. 

Humanity as a whole is turning around from the old paradigm of “Power Without” to a new paradigm of “Power Within”. The existing hierarchy which looks like a pyramid, has a selected few privileged on the top, controlling and mandating the rest of the society. This will be replaced by a more holistic structure, which looks like a mandala of a flower, that is more aligned with the Universe Principle, with every member or individual being the center of their own power. Yes, this change can be messy and painful. It is like the birth of a new child - the labor process. There will be struggles, going back and forth, and risk involved too. Those of you who are mothers know this instinctively on the visceral level. Some people are naturally fearful of the changes and will resist till the end. Some will feel lost and disoriented. 

But the more you are connected to your Essence or your power-center, the more you can shift to a joyful and energetic state - a state of higher vibration. Some may call it "ascension", or the collective evolution that you are all part of. Consequently, you will feel more confident, empowered and passionate in what you do. You will receive clear guidance on where you shall go, and who you need be friend with. Your healing will come directly from the source within in case you fall ill or get lost.  

As things will happen very fast and sometimes chaotic when the Earth hour glass is being flipped over, many of you may easily forget why you are here on this planet and what roles you need to play. Without such an acknowledgement, you may feel being pushed and rushed, victimized or traumatized. Many may feel overwhelmed and stressed out if they are trying to do too much. Some may fall in the position of anger, hatred, even desperation, especially if you are trying to antagonizing your opponents and other players. That is certainly not fun and can be harmful for you and the people around. Be patient to others who are on the different band of the spectrum and different phase of the movement. Not everyone will be on the same page as you are. Some you may perceive as "enemies" are essentially your polar opposite. But they are part of this change as well, and they will change too. Everyone will have their own pace and role to play. The best way to assist their transition is to be accepting, embracing, and appreciative. This is the key to enhance your skill and expand your consciousness. "Love your enemy" - the more your heart is open to everyone, especially towards your "enemies", the more energy you will receive and the more powerful you will become. 

We are here to assist you in this major transition, to make it smooth and enjoyable for you, without too much bumpiness, screaming and yelling. So in the end, we want to say, enjoy the ride, keep your eyes wide open, and breathe! Don’t hesitate to ask for help and guidance, because they are always available to you. Just ask.