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Earth Transition 2000 - 2024: A Glimpse of Reality

The following note was originally written by Dr. Helen Shih in March 2012, when she connected to the Sacred Source of Teaching on the topic of "Earth Transition". 

What is this hype about 2012 or may be 2020?

We wouldn’t say 2012 or 2020, but rather it is a period of time that makes this particular phase on the Planet to be interesting to live. It has started a long time ago, perhaps in the 1960’s, or even 1900’s, or even 1500’s. The changes have never stopped, and it is a continuous on-going process. This is what you may call “Evolution”. But what is evolution? You may ask. 

Everything in the Universe evolves, like clock goes around and around. Humanity, nature, Planet Earth, the Solar System, the Galaxy … The list goes on and on. Everything has a consciousness, and therefore, the nature of the consciousness is to expand and experience itself. That is what we call “Evolution”, though the path of evolution may differ depending on whether it is a human or a tree, whether it is a planet or a rock.

What's happening around 2000-2024's time window? To put it into a simple way, the Solar System, the Planet Earth, Humanity, and other aspects of nature on the Earth, have come to a convergence, or a "synchronicity" of events. Think about this way. Imagine the Sun has its own cycle, the Moon, the Earth, Humanity as a whole. It is like a heart beat in your body, it beats and has its own natural rhythm. What makes this particular time interesting on the Planet Earth is that the Heartbeat of the Galaxy, Sun, Earth, and Humanity happen approximately at the same time (this is why it is called a "Synchronicity" or "Convergence"). 

Think about the New Year Eve of Year 2000. It is the endings or new beginning of the day, the month, the year, and the century happened at the same time! Because of this convergence, things may appear to undergo rapidly changes, and a great resonance of movements is occurring together, over these years. The time elapsed through these waves of change depends on which cycle you talk about it could be a few decades in the cycle of human history, a few hundred years in terms of the Earth cycle, or even tens of thousand Earth years in terms of the Sun cycle.

Heartbeats of the Universe

Imagine the heartbeat of the body - it stays flat and quiet for a relatively long duration (just to prepare for the pulse that is coming), then there is a small jump, then immediately a sharp rise comes, followed by a quick fall and the ripples afterwards. The heartbeat of the human body is designed just like that of the Universe and its layers of cycles. 

Looking back at the human history, you can see this effect in a given cycle. There could be a period of time that was relatively long, quiet and calm. Then suddenly there was something triggering a commotion. This was followed a series of major changes happening one after another, propelling a great wave of revolution. The rippling effects can be felt a long time afterward. 

Don’t be afraid of the changes! Consider this is like a heartbeat happening to all of you around, as the rhythms of nature. Enjoy the spectacular waves brought by the Universe heartbeat, with lots of excitements and movement. Everyone can feel the fast pace of changes happening in the recent years, isn't it? It is like taking a roller coaster ride or wave surfing by the Hawaiian beach. 

The Changes and the Polarity Shift

Imagine the heart beat curve: you are going into the bottom of the curve and about to rise to the peak. The time window you are going through now is the peak of the heartbeat. In another way, imagine the pendulum of a clock swings back and forth around its center of gravity. This time window is about the pendulum swings to its end and turns around.

As a result, many things will reverse to their polar opposite or what we call a "Polar Shift". Imagine an hour glass or a Chinese Yin-Yang symbol – the cycle is about to turn around.  Think like this way: everything in your life seems to have a polarity, such as positive-negative poles, Sun-Moon, fire-water, hot-cold,  west-east, male-female, rich-poor… The more dominant side is the Yang side, such as the Sun, the fire, the males (in the tradition role), which are more outgoing, intense, and active. The opposite side is the Yin, such as the moon, the water, and the females, which are more receptive, docile, and passive. For example, in a parent-to-children relationship, parents are the Yang side, whiles children take the Yin side when children are young. This relationship will switch to the opposite side when parents get old, and children become the dominant force in the family. This is what's exactly happening on this planet during the Earth Transition and Polarity Shift.

Think about the rich become poor and poor become rich, this certainly will shake up the society in a great deal. Think about the poor nations become rich and rich nations become poor. Think about how the old way of European domination is being replaced by the rising power of other countries, and how the northern hemisphere will become more balanced by the development of the southern hemisphere.  It is already happening! You just have to pay attention and put them into a proper perspective to recognize it.

And then there are the major shifts happening now between males and females, old and young. In this Yin-Yang Polarity Shift, women have and will continue to become more powerful and the main source of change in the society. Think of the power structure of the old versus the young. Today's children and younger generations are far more powerful and digitally adaptive or technologically capable than their parents. 

Another major shift happening within the global community is the change from the head to the heart. The intellectual and mental ability of the human race must be balanced by compassion and altruistic intent from the heart. Otherwise, over-development of technology and over-use of mental faculty for selfish-gain and private interest will bring destruction to the entire human race and the planet. People will need to learn how to reconnect to their feelings and emotions, as more and more of you will return to the "heart-centered" relationship. This will fundamentally change the way how people related to each other, how communities are formed, and how business is conducted. More importantly, the way how people are related to the Planet Earth will go through a Polarity Shift (reverse of the mindset) to give a way to a more sustainable way of living that makes a more ecological sense.

The Other Side of You

The Polarity Shift for humanity overall, in a nutshell, is about how you can win over the collective karma and thousands of years of human programming which are defined and confined by the ego's need and greed.  As Buddhist, Christian, and all other major traditions have taught many years ago - there is an upside down world that how saints and gods live. Most people cannot see and sense its existence, because the way how human mind operates and looks at things is completely opposite of the god's mind. Humanity is entering a particular time window corresponding to the Earth Transition period, during which many people are going through spiritual awakening and more are in the process of switching over to the opposite mode. 

You human ego is the collective life experiences or memories since you are born, including your body features, family relationships, schooling, jobs, money, fame and titles, whatsoever. In psychology, these are parts of the subconscious mind that continues to control and drive all aspects of your behaviors and your life. Your ego's interest is to add more to its possession, accumulate more stuff, sort of speaking, be it either material things, relationships, experiences or achievements. In doing so, it tries to fill whatever lacking or a sense of insecurity inside, so it can substantiate its significance and superiority over others. Due to the value system and competitiveness promoted by the current society, the sense of lacking and thus the drive to get more stuff, becomes even more intensified. But the more you attach to the ego's identity, with its insatiable need and greed, the more you become hooked to its hunger and thirst. Those who live with their ego's desires are like lost travelers in the dessert who drink salty water to quench their thirst. The more you fill your ego's emptiness, the bigger this emptiness grows, and the more appetite it will have.

In this time window, more people will be awakened and recognize this vicious cycle at work and its self-destructive nature. It will take courage and conscientious effort to fight with this addiction and switch from the "addition" mode to "subtraction" mode - the more you abandon your identity with your human ego, the more you can be connected to your Essence or your god's nature, which is always content, complete, at ease, in peace, and total perfection. In doing so, you will be able to shift to the opposite side of seeing things or the gods' perspective. The way of your old mode of thinking and living will undergo a fundamental change that can be both shocking and miraculous at the same time. And sooner or later, you will start to identify and live with your god's nature, rather than the ego's nature.


Some people may call this process as "ascension", but it is more accurately a Polarity Shift rather than moving continuously towards something more or higher. When you are able to make this switch, you can become joyful, confident, empowered, in what you need to do, as inspiration and energy will continue to flow from within, your Essence. At the same time, you will become very clear in what you want to do, where you shall go, and who you should be friend with, driven by the Essence or the Divine Will rather than your ego's lack and greed. Your healing will come directly from the Sacred Source within in case you are ill or get lost. Your life path will be set completely differently.   

Power Without to Power Within

Correspondingly, on the societal level, the old paradigm of “Power Without” will be replaced by a new paradigm of “Power Within”. The existing power hierarchy which very much looks like a pyramid, having a selected few dominant rulers sitting on the top, controlling and exploiting the rest of the organization or society. This old system is collapsing and crumbling away, as it can no longer serve the people and sustain their growth. It is rather oppressive and punitive, driven by the collective human ego, limiting everyone's potential and even harming those sitting on the top themselves. 

This pyramid of the "Power-Without" will be replaced by a more holistic structure, which looks more like a mandala of a flower, that is more aligned with the Universe Principle: every member or individuals in the system can serve as their own power center, and enjoy their own freedom of growth and expansion, living with grace and peace. This is the "Power-Within" mode.

A good example here is the current monetary system, which does not serve the people, but rather is used to manipulate and enslave others.Do you see this thing called "money" flowing around in nature when you take a hike in the mountain or take an airplane ride in the sky? It exists nowhere in nature but only in people's mind. From energetic point of view, the money machine however, is an illusion or hologram running the human society and dictating people's behavior, looking like a monster continue to suck and devour energy into it. It is able to survive up to this point as long as people believes they need more money, or lives with the sense of lacking in their ego's greed. Have you met millionaires and billionaires who said they have enough money and they don't need any more? Or they continue to pour their money into something bigger and want to get more? This money illusion, has blinded people's vision and poisoned their souls. It has corrupted governments and put the society in peril. If you continue to let it run as the way it has, no double it will devour the whole humanity and swallow up the entire planet ecosystem, if not the whole Earth.

But in reality, every human being, is born to breathe and move, as freely as birds in the sky. Every human soul is connected to the Universal web of life, and receives energy as freely as flowers in the field. What have made you believe otherwise, that you cannot live without yielding to the illusion of the money monster? Why should you continue to subscribe to its falseness and demands? You will likely see in your life time, a new currency system that can truly serve the people, representing how energy flows in the Universe, rather than the old hierarchy that is deceiving and enslaving people. How soon and how effective this new system is coming into play will largely depends on how much you can abandon the attachment to the old system, how you can be re-aligned with your own power center, in other words, how you can make the shift yourself, and how you can work together with many others to enable this change.    

Symptoms of the Changes

Changes can be messy and painful, sometimes just like the birth of a new child. There will be risk involved, and moving back and forth or fluctuation in an unpredictable way. Some people naturally want to resist and hold on to the old ways, which at least give them a false sense of security and predictability. This happens especially to the selected few who dominate and benefit from the old system with their privileges. To let it go certainly feels like a death sentence to them, which they will attempt to fight and resist till the very end. However, if you can make them see how they can also, benefit from the new system, and how promising a new future can appeal to them as well, they will be able to make the switch more easily without overdosing themselves with pain and bitterness. 

On the other hand, those who have been exploited and taken advantage of may get very impatient and infuriated. Anger and frustration will be the most common emotion coming up, as people attempt to rebel and free themselves from the old power structures. Some people may even fall to depression or despair if they cannot see the success of their repeated attempts and end up losing the hope. Confrontation between the old and the new can become severe at certain points as the conflicts are being brought open to the surface. 

As the Earth hour glass is further being flipped over, power structures and society hierarchies will be reversed. Things can become even more chaotic. Many folks may get very dis-oriented, confused, lost, forgetting why they are in part of this change and which side they should go along. Without such an acknowledgement and clarity, they may feel being pushed and crushed by others, victimized or traumatized. Many may feel overwhelmed and stressed out if they are trying to do too much. Some may fall in the position of anger, hatred, even desperation, especially if they are trying to antagonizing others who may disagree with them, forgetting that they are too in mid of the changes.


Along the process, the phenomenon of polarization will also become more pronounced, intense and disruptive. This happens both inside of yourself and on the macroscopic levels. As you become more identified with your god's nature, your ego or the old conditioning as the counterpart will not let go easily. Therefore, there will be internal fights going on, between your future self and your old self. Sometimes you may wonder what you are trying to do by tripping yourself or put yourself purposely in trouble. Some people may become extreme with erratic emotion outburst, violence, or even resort to self harm and self sabotages. People may think something is wrong with them and label themselves as "bipolar" or other psychological disorders without knowing the polarization effect that is happening inside and outside everywhere. Others may feel internally conflicted and confused, as if they are being split into two separated sides. 

These internal conflicts will be manifested outside between people and social groups as the confrontation between the new and old power structures become obvious. Arguments and division in the families, communities, as well as societies, will become common as many will feel being compelled or pulled to the opposite poles (it is like a cell going through mitosis), in their way of thinking and doing things. Correspondingly, there will be polarization on the geopolitical and economical levels too, for example, increased contrast between the rich and poor, the conflict between those in power and those being oppressed, and how this relationship will eventually reverse itself by struggling back and forth. Many aspects of the society including government, legal and financial systems, education, business, etc, will go through major transitions and transformations at all levels. Interestingly, extreme patterns of weather and climate in the natural world will be affected by how people behave collectively on the planetary level as well. 

How to go through this transition time?

We want to remind you that some changes happen very quickly nearly overnight, and others may come very slowly in subtle ways for hundreds if not thousands of years.  No matter how you will ride the giant waves of this Polarity Shift, patience and kindness are the key antidotes to violence and destruction. Give yourself and others plenty of chances of making mistakes and amble space for fluctuations will be a good way to think about this. 

As many will feel the effect of the Polarity Shift, everyone can benefit from and enjoy more of these changes if you are well prepared, and stay awake and aware of what’s happening. You will have a greater success and better experience if you "go with the flow", surrender and become part of the waves, rather than trying to resist and control in your old paradigm of doing things. Overall, the old and dis-serving part of you and the society must die, to give rise to something new and more beneficial to yourself and humanity overall. This is the natural cycle and energy metabolism of the Universe, and how changes and progress have been made in every step of the way.  This is also why you are here, to experience the birth of a New You, a New Human Kind, on the New Earth.  

Have you seen those surfers who ride the giant Hawaiian waves? You can feel their thrill and excitement at their peak performance, can't you? Perhaps you want to experience how it feels like? If you follow your heart and be courageous, you too, can have a great time, not only in riding and surfing the waves of changes, but also enjoying it even more by become a mover and shaker in the waves.

You are not alone, but a water molecule in the ocean, and a particle of the movement. You will also have a greater experience and success if you connect with others who are here for a similar purpose and build a community to help uplift each other. This can be an extremely rewarding journey of adventure for yourself and many others.  Your growth will be enhanced in multitude if you interact with others in a group setting and make it enjoyable for everyone.

You can also think about it like a football game. It will be tremendously simpler but boring if you are the only player in this game. But if you want to play in a much more exciting and bigger game, there are also a lot of work and coordination that have to take place behind the scene, such as planning, organizing, and years of practicing, etc. You will learn a great deal if you pay attention and know which role you are playing, from which you will develop and expand your skills and talents. 

Another key point we want to bring to your attention is how to stay in this big cosmic game without getting trapped or injured, anxious or overwhelmed, angry, reckless, or destructive. Where can you receive guidance and help, and what to do in case you are lost? As in any game, there are rules and safety precautions that you need to become aware and good at.  

Alignment and Guidance

1. Aligned with the SELF

The hallmark of the change inside yourself, as said above, is how you can start to identify yourself with your Divine Self rather than the ego's self. Not only you will need to switch this identity, but more importantly, you need to become alive and live with the new self and sustain that state conscientiously. It is not going to be easy, and it requires continuous effort to make that switch. It is like addicts who have lived in their whole life for so long, and they have forgotten how they can live free otherwise. You will be always prone to falling into your old habit, therefore, this is something you have to do constantly, reminding yourself to reverse your way thinking and your mindset. 

Always be aligned in your vision and mission, intention and attention, to your own inner guidance and your GPS.  Continue to strengthen your connection to your Sacred Source, so that you can receive clear guidance and messages. Sometimes these messages may not make any sense to you according to your old habit and logic, but you will learn how to let them go and experience a new different way of living: let the Universe flow and live through you. This is how trees, crickets, birds, and all other species live on this planet that you have forgotten for too long. 

You will learn how to take care your body, mind, and soul, and become a more effective vehicle and instrument for the Divine Will. You will learn how to discern true guidance from false messages that may distract or tempt you otherwise. Misinformation and disinformation can become so prevalent to disguise the truth. So stay focused on your path, and be loyal to nobody else but your SELF, which means be congruent in your whole being, your thoughts, intention, words and action, and aligned with the Divine Self. Do not be swayed by others around you, as many of them are still living in the old paradigm, and everyone has their own priority, their own timing and phases of making the switch. They cannot be of a judge to your own progress and how you feel inside. So first and foremost, be truthful and whole to yourself, and protect your inner GPS. This may sound like being selfish or arrogant, but SELF in this case, is not your own past human ego, but your Higher Purpose and your Divine Being.  

2. Discernment and how to make choices?

During the time of Polarity Shift, because the hour glass of the power structure is flipping over, confusion and overwhelmingness are common problems experienced by many people, especially to those who are in the process of reversing the Inner Order. As everything seems to be chaotic and scattered, everyone is going to different directions and through different phases of the change, the hardest lesson at this time is also about spiritual discernment and making your choices. 

As mentioned above, only YOU can tell how you feel inside, and whether you are aligned with your true SELF. Your feelings are in fact, the most direct guidance you can can count on. Your gut feeling cannot lie and does not lie, so you will need to develop and trust your own inner GPS, and know how to rely on it to direct you. To make it simple, it is like learn how to ride a bike, or skate on the ice. You constantly have to adjust yourself to be aligned with your Center of Gravity, balance yourself in motion. Trust you are, just like everyone else, born with this innate ability to feel if you are on the right path, or off balance. 

 Also, be aware of media and information. Too much information, misinformation,  and disinformation, some may be intentional, will be everywhere, to flood your senses, overwhelm your system, so you may often keep on seeking things outside, forgetting to trust your inner GPS. This is a special time to train your ability of discernment and clarify your inner vision. Make your choices, always be aligned with your true SELF. If you are lost and confused, see if your choices and intentions are coming from your old paradigm of thinking (your past conditioning and collective old human programming), or this is something coming from a higher source, carrying a higher vibration. Learn to discern, the energetic character of different options. Again, make this simple, perhaps just like eating food. Your mind and soul will need to learn and discern which food is healthy for you, which is junk and poison that will only get you in trouble. 

When you are being reborn in the Spiritual World, you are, just like a baby, learning how to walk and eat. It requires no over-thinking, and no need to make it more complex than it should be (though some scholars and gurus tend to make it too complicated that confuses people). In the end, everyone can learn to walk and eat on their own way. Do you see any adult still crawls on the ground or don't know how to feed themselves? That's the degree of trust you should have for yourself.

3. Learn to ask for help and be open to assistance and shared experiences

Remember you don't have to go through this path alone. There are thousands and millions of souls joining in this movement together. You can always learn and benefit from those who have walked the path and who can show you how to avoid making costly mistakes. At the same time, your experience will always help those who are coming along the way. This seems to be contradictory to what we have just said above. But if you think about it, your path, though unique to yourself, is also a collective consciousness of All That Is, and cannot be separate or independent from others, looking purely from the god's eye view. Sharing and interacting with others will help quicken the process and make the learning more enjoyable and productive. Confirmation from fellow travelers and supportive community can be of tremendous help to you, especially if you feel lonely, confused about your path, and wonder if you are hallucinating. 

4. Be kind and patient to others who may be different

The hallmark of the change is about how you can elevate yourself to a higher state of being, characterized by light, joy, love, and inner fulfillment. It is the opposite of the old way of living in darkness, jealousy, fear, and always lacking or deficiency. However, everyone is on a different band of frequency and different phase of this shift. This is especially true for family members or close friends, who may sometimes look like complete different from you or cannot comprehend what you are going through. 

Some of them you may perceive as opponents or "enemies", but they are essentially your polar opposite and can be your best assistants. They are part of this change and cosmic waves as well, and are the changes in making. Everyone will have their own pace and role to play. As said, nobody can be of judge to you apart from yourself, but the best way to assist others and yourself as well is to be patient, accepting, embracing, and appreciating. In other words, be the role model of who you want to be, aligned with your Higher Being.

If you on the other hand, fall into hatred, anger, and attacking others who disagree with you, you will be essentially going back to your old egocentric way of operating, and will not be an example for the change, but rather cause harm and dis-service to yourself and opponents. The more your heart is open to everyone, especially towards "Loving Your Enemies", the more you will be able to expand your mind and consciousness. This may sound very paradoxical, but your enemies are in actuality those who can truly accelerate your growth, and help you receive more energy, so that you can be more powerful or effective along your growth. You can be of a greater guidance and assistance to others, shining in the darkness as a beacon of change.

Final Words

In the end, we want to remind you to make it fun and enlightening (overall, this is what enlightening means, greater joyfulness and inspiring). It is a serious and extra serious cosmic game that involves both sweat and tears, laughter and sarcasm, bitterness and ecstasy. There will be moments that look dark and scary like a horror movie, but there will also be other moments that are glorious and victorious, like an inspirational documentary. All possible ways will be explored and experimented, all will be rewarded with experiences contributing to this Divine Comedy. But you just have to find out what movie you are making, be it a tragedy, or a drama, what role you are here to play, and make sure you stick to it. Do your part well! 

We are here to assist you in this special historical moment, in this major transition, to make it uplifting and fulfilling, for your human journey. Without too much bumpiness, screaming, yelling, and cursing, you can do it, and create a great movie (in which you will be the star and celebrity). The more you are on the right path, the more you will feel aligned and elevated. You will be more powerful and inspired, not only for the changes you want, but for the big human family and whole society. You can measure your success by how energized and enlightened you are, how much you can stay in this elevated state, and how many other people you can help switch to this state.

Enjoy the ride, don’t hesitate to ask for help and assistance, because they are always here for you!

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