By Helen Shih, PhD

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Coronavirus: Prevention & Self Care

Prevention and preparedness are the most important steps to counteract the pandemics. We need to pay attention to not only its physical impact, but also social-emotional effects. For example, spread of misinformation, disinformation can cause overwhelming amount of stress and refusal of follow hygiene practice in public health settings. Unless everyone understands and follows the key steps in prevention and preparedness, public health standards have fallen apart, resulting in enormous loss of lives and infected cases which could be preventable.

Dr. Helen Shih has been involved in public healthy advocacy, relief effort, education, prevention & preparedness since the beginning of the outbreak. She and her father were involved in using infrared imaging for airport screening of infectious diseases, and other applications for holistic health and wellness improvement. The following are some of the topics Dr. Shih has been working on for COVID self care and prevention, and how to deal with social-emotional effects in the pandemics. In addition, she was the chief scientific editor and contributor in a COVID guidebook for families recently compiled based on existing knowledge. 

COVID-19 Self Monitoring

This is a simple, practical, and low-cost procedure Dr. Shih suggest everyone can do at home for 5 minutes everyday to test and monitor health condition and symptoms.

COVID Supplements and Herbs

Use common herbs and supplements, boost up your immunity and strengthen the body. Based on the most common Euro-American herbs, and experiences from Asia where herbal medicine has been widely used during the pandemics.

COVID Energy clearing and strengthening, meditation and exercises

Energy exercises will help you balance the energy, clear your energy field, create protection, and put the mind in peace. Relaxation and de-stress are key steps to boost up your immunity.

COVID Mental-emotional effect, and infordemics

Not only the virus will affect our body, but more importantly, it spreads through news and media faster and stronger than everyone can realize. Mind clearingemotional hygiene, and disinfect the media and information we digest are also very important steps in addition to main physical health. 

COVID Conspiracies, false news, alternative facts

Develop your awareness, strengthen your ability of discernment, and stay away from dark energy that may trap you and harm your health. This topic is very much related to spiritual connection and attunement we need to practice on daily basis.

COVID Social Impact and Racism

Are certain groups people to be blamed and made more vulnerable during the outbreak? Should certain groups of people take more risks and been jeopardized economically? Prejudice, racism, social bully are something the society has to face during the pandemics in which these hidden subconscious bias and fear are coming up and being revealed, reflecting the need of addressing the deeper social-emotional and economic-political imbalances during the stressful time. 

COVID Ecology and Environment

The amount of travel and consumption have been dramatically reduced during the pandemics, which resulted in less CO2 emission, better air quality, and less traffic on the road and in big cities. COVID may be helping us look at our way of consumptive life style and reflect upon changes we must bring to restore ecology and environment for us. 

COVID as a messenger from nature: what does COVID prompt us to do?

With widespread of chaos and disorders around, our society is scrambling to find solutions to circumvent the problems brought by the pandemics. How do we transform fear to positive actions? A virus is a simple form in nature, just like anything else. What changes is it bringing to our society, from personal health to public health, from community wellbeing to global collaboration? Perhaps this pandemics is just like a disease we experience in our life, prompting us for systematic changes and treatment, in order to bring needed healing and restoration of balance to the entire society.