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Consultation Sessions

The first step of healing is when you become aware of your own state of well-being: how far you have drifted away, and what you can do to best move back to your own state of balance

In consultation sessions, we will help you assess your life style, dietary habit, emotional state, mental state, relationships, and other pertinent factors affecting you. This will help you gain deeper insight of where you are now and how you can improve. The method used may also include a BioenergyScan, Q&A, selinquiry, meditation, journaling, and other techniques. We also use a unique imaging system that can scan the energetic state of your body (whole-body energy scan) if you want to see your own state of the health.

The next step we do is goal setting - helping you see where you want to go next, potential improvement in personal wellness, and how to get there. Laying out a navigation map helps you regain the confidence and sense of direction you have and keep on track of where you want to go further. This is the process of how you can stay on the healing journey.  

Our healing sessions and consultation sessions may be used together to achieve the best healing results needed for you along the way. Some clients may get impatient and ask how many sessions needed to make a change. The answer in fact depends on yourself. Those clients who are willing to let go of their unhealthy life style, toxic patterns and past burdens, can start to make significant changes in just one to two sessions. Changes do happen when you are willing to participate and sustain it with continuous efforts.