By Helen Shih, PhD

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Keep yourself healthy before you fall ill

COVID requires us to keep ourselves very healthy and build up immunity to ward off the virus and other bugs. Below are some of the important steps in holistic health:
    • Taking adequate rest and maintain high quality sleep; If you have tight work schedule, take very short naps during break can be helpful; 
    • Practice stress reduction and pick effective methods that work for you; stress can cause a great harm to immunity;
    • Eat healthy, especially fresh fruits and vegetables; Avoid all junk food and soft drink; 
    • Take plenty of liquid on daily basis, such as water with fresh lemon;
    • Take needed supplements, supportive nutrition or trusted herbs, including Vitamin C and D, etc; Chewable Vitamin C can be helpful to boost immunity by the throat area; Check out herbs and supplements that may be helpful for your conditions;
    • Proper exercises, spend some time in sunlight, in nature and outdoor environment; Exercise such as Yoga and other methods which involve stretching and deep breathing can be helpful;  
    • Maintain a positive outlook and optimism; emotional and mental well-being is an important element enhancing immunity;

COVID symptoms normally start off just like a regular flu. Please pay attention if you notice fatigue, itchy throat, muscle pain, headache, disturbed digestive system or sensory functions, or just in general, any discomfort. Continue to monitor your body conditions including those listed above, especially if you have other underlying health conditions.

If you start to experience COVID-like symptoms such as cough, fever, and others, use CDC's Self Checker to see the likelihood you are having a COVID infection, arrange for a test, and talk to your doctors. 

At the same time, practice what you normally do to alleviate flu, such as those items listed above, follow your doctor's suggestions, use trusted supplements or add nutrition to help you build immunity and help you recover.

Q: What should I do if I may have been exposed to the virus or infected?
First of all, within 14 days of your exposure, please practice self quarantine, minimize your interaction with others. Practice hygiene including wearing a mask, wash hands frequently, clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces, etc.  The most likely time window for COVID-19 infection is about 5-7 days if you indeed get infected. Symptoms may start to show up during or after this time window.

Secondly, continue to monitor your body condition closely, and establish a baseline before you notice any symptoms.

More importantly, practice what listed above to keep yourself health and build up your immunity.  

Younger and healthy adults without existing health conditions tend to do better and have milder symptoms after exposure to COVID. People who have pre-existing conditions especially cardiopulmonary diseases, metabolic disorders, cancer, immunity disorders, etc, need to pay close attention to their body conditions, and minimize their risk of exposure to the virus.  
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