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Academic Background & Introduction

As the founder and owner of the center, Dr. Helen Shih was an accomplished and recognized medical physicist in the field of cancer radiation therapy (her past academic name was Dr. Hui Helen Liu). She was also specialized in radiological physics and medical imaging before she moved on to the field of holistic medicine.

Dr. Shih received a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Biomedical Engineering, from Tsinghua University, Beijing, China. She then was awarded a full scholarship to study in the prestigious Mayo Clinic for her doctoral training. Her research included biophysics, medical imaging, and radiation therapy physics. Upon receiving her PhD degree, she continued a postdoctoral training in radiation oncology in the Mayo Clinic. She was known for her work in radiation dose calculation and ways to improve modeling of radiation particle interactions in cancer treatments.

From 1998 to 2008, Dr. Shih held a tenure-track faculty position in the Univ. Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. Her appointment included an Assistant Professor and later on Associate Professor in one of the first and renown departments in the field of radiation therapy. As the only woman faculty hired in the department when she entered, she was engaged in full-time clinical, research, and teaching duties for about 11 years. She was also responsible in several important developmental projects in the department, in bringing new technologies and research for cancer treatments.

Dr. Shih was well published and recognized in the field of medical physics and radiation oncology during the time she was a faculty in the MD Anderson Cancer. She was a significant author in more than 70 peer-reviewed scientific papers, 200 conference proceeds and short papers, as well as 5 book chapters and editorials. Her contribution also included being the principal investigator on several institutional and sponsored research grants, Co-investigator on two NIH research projects, and serving as referee, editor, and committee members in scientific journals and professional organizations.

As a medical physicist, she had a broad academic interest that covered not only radiation therapy, but also radiation biology, space radiation, and applications of advanced imaging techniques for cancer treatments. In her later years of working in the MD Anderson Cancer Center, she led important clinical research and development in the area of data collection and modeling for treatment outcome study.

After Dr. Shih moved on to the field of holistic medicine, she was engaged exclusively in studying the Human Energy Field or the bio-field that is the energetic basis of the human body. She investigated the technology of infrared imaging and other available modalities to examine how they can be used as tools to image the human body for the purpose of evaluating health conditions and treatment effects. She is a forefront advocate for the wellness focused and whole-human focused approach, which puts body-mind-soul connection as the core of health and healing. She researched extensively ways to improve health and monitoring the healing process. She also collaborated with her father, a well-known physicist and later-on a healer in China, in their scientific endeavor, technological development, and entrepreneurship in bringing infrared imaging to clinical and wellness applications. 

Later on, Dr. Shih opened her own office in holistic health and consultancy, where she continued to devote herself to the teaching and practicing of holistic health and spiritual development. She has also been whole-heartedly engaged in social advocacy in public health, public education, environmental protection, and green community building. She is an active member of the local community as well as international organizations to promote holistic education, conscious living, and sustainable development.  She was recognized nationally as a holistic practitioner in 2012, and was featured in local Sierra Club in 2017 for her advocacy work in environmental causes.

Her latest effort includes bringing the core of spirituality and holistic principles back to civic engagement and social progress. She sees restoring and adhering to the ethic values and holistic principles are urgently needed in today's world, as humanity is now facing unprecedented challenges in both personal health as well as ecological threat. A new model of the society has to emerge in which every member of the society becomes engaged and empowered in preventing mass destruction and global crisis. This is part of the major transition that she sees happening world wide, which she wrote in "Earth Transition - A Polarity Shift".  She wants to invite everyone to partake in this movement that she calls as  Wholesome Living on the New Earth, which is the global transformation and collective society evolution. She works joyfully and tirelessly with many other movers and shakers, healers and leaders, connecting hearts and souls together, towards building a shared vision and a better future, for all people and all life on the planet.

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