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Academic Background & Introduction

Before moved to the field of holistic health, Dr. Helen Shih was an accomplished and recognized medical physicist in the field of cancer therapy, specialized in radiological physics and medical imaging. She had a broad academic interests that covered not only radiation therapy, but also radiation biology and applications of imaging techniques for cancer treatments. In her later years of working as an Associate Professor at the MD Anderson Cancer Center, she led several important clinical research and developments in the area of treatment outcome studies.

During this time, she authored more than 70 peer-reviewed scientific papers, 200 conference proceeds and short papers, as well as 5 book chapters and editorials. Her contribution also included being the principal investigator on several institutional and sponsored research grants, Co-investigator on NIH research projects, and serving as referee, editor, and committee members in scientific journals and professional organizations.

After Dr. Shih moved on to the field of holistic health, she was engaged exclusively in studying the Human Energy Field or the bio-field that is the energetic basis of the human body. She investigated available modalities to examine how they can be used as tools to image the human body for the purpose of evaluating health conditions and treatment effects. 

After Dr. Helen Shih opened her own office in holistic health and consultancy, she continued to devote herself to the teaching and practicing of holistic health and body-mind-spirit approach.  She was a forefront advocate for the wellness focused and whole-human based approach that puts body-mind-soul connection as the core of health and healing. 

Dr. Helen Shih has also been actively involved for public health, public education, environmental advocacy, and green community building. She is a member of the local community as well as national organizations to promote holistic education, conscious living, and sustainable development. She was recognized nationally as a holistic practitioner in 2012, and was featured in local Sierra Club in 2017 for her advocacy work in environmental causes.