Flow-of-Light Natural Health

Light up your Body, Mind, & Soul

Vitality and wholeness are what we aim for in holistic health.

About Us

Flow-of-Light Natural Health was started by Dr. Helen Shih, a holistic health specialist, a life coach who comes from a background in biomedical sciences. Before moving to the field of holistic health, she was an associate professor in a premier medical institution (MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas) in Radiation Therapy Physics. You can find more about her academic background here.

Dr. Helen Shih was certified in a number of holistic health modalities, Soul Coaching, Holistic Life Coaching, and have studied different types of body-mind and energy medicine techniques such as Reiki and Healing Touch. She also developed a form of energy movement that combines Tai Chi, Yoga, and dance, in helping people become more aware of their body energy and open up free flow of energy channels. It is fun, energizing, beautiful and healing at the same time. 

Dr. Helen Shih has an interest in life purpose development and body-mind-spirit connection. She has been an advocate of holistic evolution and green community building. Please visit her website for this area of work in addition to holistic health.