By Helen Shih, PhD

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Vitality and wholeness are what we aim for in holistic health.

About Us

I am Dr. Helen Shih, a teacher and practitioner of holistic health, a spiritual guide and healer for your Light Within, an advocate and leader for the movement of Wholesome Living

As the founder and owner of this center, I offer consultation sessions, meditation and healing classes to help you learn how you can stay healthy,  what to do when you are ill, how to get back on track, and move towards vitality and wholeness. 

I came from a background in academic medicine, and has a PhD in biomedical science, before moving to the field of holistic health. I combine my interest in scientific research with the art of holistic health and healing. I was certified in Colorpuncture (using light for acupuncture meridian), quantum healing, regression therapy, Soul Coaching, and have studied other types of body-mind and energy medicine techniques such as Reiki and Healing Touch. I also developed a form of energy movement that combines Tai Chi, Yoga, and dance, in helping people become more aware of their body energy and open up free flow of energy channels. It is fun, energizing, beautiful and healing at the same time. 

You can find Dr. Helen Shih's work and her academic background here.

Her personal journey is in our companion website of “Light Within", where she dedicates herself to people's spiritual health and growth. The following is a  press release for your reference.

To learn more about Dr. Helen Shih's advocacy and leadership role, visit our website of "Wholesome Living on the New Earth." 

Here is a very short summary of Dr. Helen Shih's experiences:  

I started the study of Yoga in 2000 and since them, have practiced in holistic health since 2005. Prior to that, I was an associate professor and a medical physicist at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. Before I moved to the holistic field, my profession work was in medical imaging and radiation therapy of cancer.

While in the cancer center, I started to become interested in holistic medicine. In searching for better ways to attend cancer and other illnesses, I studied alternative health solutions and body-mind techniques extensively, and put them in the context of scientific research, to understand what work, what don't, and how healing takes place. This process took more than 15 years to develop and it is still unfolding continuously along this path.

My scientific background in medical imaging and cancer therapy helped me develop an imaging system for evaluating the body-energy field or Chi ("气“ in Chinese term). My father and I were co-inventors of the infrared-imaging system used in holistic health [Ref. 1] that I refer to as the "Bio-Energy Scan". As part of my practice, I continue to combine the ancient traditions along with scientific methodology of research.

I have a strong connection with the eastern traditions including the Chinese medicine. I teach meditation (including Zen mindfulness), energy movement, and have a deep appreciation of traditional healing practices, such as in Buddhism, Daoism (the original Chinese form), Hinduism, Christianity, Shamanism (Native American form), to name a few.    

I am very grateful to be able to work with some of the most bright scientists and physicians in academic medicine. Learning from and interacting with gifted healers also expanded my understanding of health and opened up my intuitive and innate ability to see things beyond the physical domain. To me, medicine is both science and art, and requires balancing both analytical skills and creative expression. Therefore, medicine is incomplete without acknowledging and reconnecting us to the sacred source of healing (the spiritual domain). 

The future of medicine is about wellness and health. The wellness revolution has moved across the world and led to scientific breakthroughs in understanding diseases (which is the focus of the current disease-care model), not only from physical aspects, but also social-emotional angles. Regaining understanding of deeper layers of the healing process is critical in helping people attain health which comes from harmonizing the field of the body-mind-soul. I set up my life work to assist more people realign and reconnect themselves to the true source of healing, and to restore vitality and wholeness on this path. 


On a lighter side, I enjoy reading, writing, and nature. Animals, plants, trees, rocks and crystals in particular have a great appeal to me. Visiting many nature and sacred places in the world helped me connect to our ancestors who have a much deeper respect of nature and our position in the Universe. I believe as human species, we have to look into the ways of how we live, how we are related to the Earth, and how we are doing business in energy, environment, government and many aspects of our society. 

Unless we create a fundamental shift in our perception, in respecting the nature and being conscientious of what we need and what we consume, we are bringing a mass destruction to ourselves and annihilation of the planet life. Therefore, I am also an advocate for new ways of holistic living that can bring health, balance and harmony among ourselves, how we relate to the nature and each other in our communities.

*You can learn more about Dr. Helen Shih's personal journey  in our companion website of “Light Within", where she dedicates herself to people's spiritual health and growth. The following is a  press release for your reference.

For those of you who are academically inclined, you can also read an introduction about Dr. Helen Shih's work and her background.

[Ref 1]:  Medical Infrared Imaging,  by Diakides, CRC Press, 2013